How To Use A Bearing Puller

How To Use A Bearing Puller?

Step 1: Puller Placement

Place the puller either externally or internally around the part (depending on the part being removed).

Step 2: Leg Adjustment

Adjust the puller legs so that they fit tightly around the part. 

Step 3: Position The Screw

Turn the screw clockwise until it is touching the shaft. Adjust the legs again so that the centre of the screw is in the centre of the shaft.

Step 4: Turn The Screw

Turn the screw carefully and slowly to apply force onto the shaft.

Step 5: Remove The Part

Continue turning the screw until it pulls the part of the shaft.

Step 6: Loosen The Screw

Loosen the screw by turning it in the opposite direction and remove the part from the legs of the puller.

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