What are bearing pullers made of?

What are bearing pullers made of?    

Material: GB 40CR Alloy steel(SAE-AISI 5140 steel )

 Chemical composition of 40Cr steel 

rade CSiMnCrNi(≤)Cu(≤)P(≤)S(≤)
40Cr  0.37-0.440.17-0.370.5-0.80.8-

Physical property of 40Cr 

Sample blank size (mm):25 

The first quenching heating temperature (ºC):850; coolant: Oil 

Second quenching heating temperature (ºC):- 

Tempering heating temperature (ºC):520; 

Tensile strength (σb/MPa): ≥980 

The yield point (σs/MPa): ≥785 

Elongation (δ5/%): ≥9 

Section shrinkage (ψ/%): ≥45    

3-jaw gear puller

40CR alloy steel is used to produce bearing pullers because it provides them with a very strong structure that is able to withstand wear.

Bearing pullers need to be able to remove bearings, gears or pulleys without becoming easily worn or damaged.

2. Heat Treated

heat treatment

Bearing pullers are heat treated for increased wear and strength.

3. Chrome plated

Chrome plated

The bearing pullers are chrome plated to resist corrosion. Corrosion is when iron reacts with oxygen and forms a reddish-brown oxide that we know as rust. When steel corrodes it deteriorates and eventually decays over time.    

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