What are the main types of external pullers?

What are the main types of external pullers? 

By far the most common and universal type of external pullers are the ones mentioned above with sliding, parallel jaws, 

among them the 20 Series and the 30 Series with their impressive flexible modular system. 

Further types of external pullers can be classified by their different hooks and thus by their different functionality. 

There are 

external pullers with swivelling jaws, 

                          with self-centering jaws , 

                          with self-centering 

                          self-tensioning hooks 

                          with reversible jaws

                          with adjustable jaws, 

                          with side clamp, and others. 

What are the most important features to consider when choosing an external puller? 

In the first place you should measure the space conditions. 

This refers to the diameter, depth and available space around the part to be removed. 

The maximum load and the maximum torque are also values that you should consider. 

The mode of operation and functionality also provide information on which external puller you should use.

Here’s an example: if you need a puller for a repetitive use, you should use a puller with self-centering jaws.

If you would rather have a puller that can be adapted to different installation situations, you should use a puller with sliding and parallel jaws. 

The ideal solution is our 20 Series or 30 Series, which give you extra flexibility as they are based on a modular system, allowing you to choose between 2- and 3-arm crossheads and to combine hooks and spindles of different lengths and properties as well as accessories. The choice of an external puller should always be made after weighing all influencing factors. 

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